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Nashville Bankruptcy Attorney Protects Your Property While Eliminating Debt

We explore every legal option to protect your car and property

One of the most pressing concerns of individuals and families exploring bankruptcy is the impact the process will have on their belongings. Many people believe that they must sacrifice everything they own to file for bankruptcy. This myth has prevented far too many people from finding relief from their debt. In all reality, many people who file for bankruptcy are able to keep their cars and many other belongings.

At the law office of Robert L. Scruggs Attorney at Law, our Nashville bankruptcy attorney provides the clear and honest advice you need to understand how bankruptcy will impact your situation, and what you may be able to expect from the process. Our Tennessee bankruptcy attorney has spent more than 25 years helping people find relief from overwhelming debt without the need to give up all of their possessions.

How can I protect my property from the bankruptcy process?

State and federal bankruptcy laws provide protection, also known as exemptions, for many different types of property. Exemptions are available for a wide range of items and financial accounts, including:

  • Primary vehicles — An exemption is available to protect your primary vehicle. Understanding the protection this exemption offers can be difficult, as the exemption only applies to certain situations. Depending upon the value of the vehicle, the exemption may not be adequate. However, in many cases, the exemption will protect your primary vehicle, and preserve your invaluable mode of transportation.

  • Personal property —A number of exemptions exist to cover personal property. Exemptions exist to cover certain heirlooms, clothing and more. Sifting through the wide range of exemptions, and understanding the protection each offers, is best done with the guidance of an experienced Tennessee bankruptcy lawyer.

  • Tools of the trade —Many occupations require significant investment in tools and equipment. If your tools or equipment are vital to your way of making a living, you may be able to protect them during bankruptcy. After all, bankruptcy laws were created to give people a second chance, not put them out of work.

  • Pension and benefit accounts — If you rely on a pension or benefits package for income, you are likely concerned that a bankruptcy will drain your account. Fortunately, exemptions are available to protect your pension plan, disability benefits and other types of earned long-term payment accounts.

Additional exemptions are available for a number of assets, including clothing, medical equipment, religious items, family photos and more. Exploring all of the available exemptions is important to limit the number of assets you must sacrifice during bankruptcy. Our Nashville bankruptcy lawyer’s extensive knowledge of state and federal exemptions allows us to offer the guidance you need to explore all legal options for protecting your belongings during the Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy process.

Schedule a free consultation with our Nashville bankruptcy lawyer to learn more about the exemptions available to you

Bankruptcy exemptions are often complex and confusing. Exemptions can also be interpreted differently by each bankruptcy judge or trustee. This makes it very important to discuss your property and your debt relief goals with an experienced Nashville bankruptcy attorney. We offer free consultations to give you the opportunity to discuss your situation and your options for protecting your property.

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